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Store is located in Landquart Fashion Outlet, which was opened for the public in 2009 and our store opened along with it. This is one of our longest operating shops and one of the most successful as well. Landquart is a decision which was never regretted. Great resorts are operating around- giving the opportunity for skiing, hiking, mountaineering, biking...- which brings lots of tourist each year and fills the life of the locals with a sporty spirit as well.

The location

Landquart is a small town in the south-east part of Switzerland in canton Graubünden. Up to one hour drive the most famous resorts can be reached, such as Arosa, Leinzerheide, Davos ot St.Moritz. The closest city is Chur which provides great bars, restaurants and hotels for the tourists visiting the area or the locals seeking for entertainment in the evenings.

Contact information

Swiss Outdoor Lifestyle AG
Landquart Fashion Outlet
Tardisstrasse 118
7205 Zizers

P +41 81 544 52 61

Swiss Outdoor Logistics AG,
Schulstrasse 1,
7302 Landquart,


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