ShirtS & tops   FOR men

Shop highly functional and unique shirts & tops for men. Choose a top for your out- or indoor activity. High breathability, 4-way stretch, FastDrying and UV protection will support your comfort zone, freedom of movement and give you a feeling of freshness. Select your ultralight shirt for high-performance or casual wear.

Gabor shirt

organic - soft - cozy

€ 118.00 € 68.00 68.0 EUR

Himba shirt

lightweight - technical - hiking

€ 128.00 € 68.00 68.0 EUR

Irepani shirt

lightweight - functional - hiking

€ 128.00 € 78.00 78.0 EUR

Kabil shirt

ultralight - running - body fit

€ 98.00 € 58.00 58.0 EUR

Kuk shirt

soft - cozy - light

€ 88.00 € 78.00 78.0 EUR

Mandla shirt

light - FastDry - technical

€ 98.00 € 58.00 58.0 EUR

Masai shirt

lightweight - technical - hiking

€ 168.00 € 68.00 68.0 EUR

Masawa shirt

FastDrying - technical - workout

€ 98.00 € 68.00 68.0 EUR

Mayan t-shirt

soft - cozy - light

€ 88.00 € 78.00 78.0 EUR

Shop the latest exclusive and limited edition outdoor collection. Discover Swiss quality, highly functional, and unique designs, suitable for ladies and men. Waterproof, wind-resistant, 4-way-stretch, best insulation, high breathability, and much more. Find the perfect outfit for your indoor and outdoor activities.

Product Lifetime Warranty:  All MAYA MAYA products come with a free Product Lifetime Warranty for our members. We believe in sustainability where responsible consumption of high-quality garments can protect you forever. That is why we enable free repairs in case of material failure for any functional garment. You don’t even need to show us the receipt. We trust you.

Free returns:  In order to return a product, you only need to submit a return request, which you find here. We will send you a return shipping label free of charge, as long as you are returning a product within 100 days after receiving it. Returns are free only for Switzerland and countries of the European Union.

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