MAYA MAYA's Limited Editions are state of the art collections. Each one has been personally designed by the founder and chief designer of MAYAMAYA – Tamaya. Each collection has its own unique story to tell. Continuously we search for roots of civilizations, their cultures and arts. They are our guidelines, stories and inspirations which only a privileged circle of connoisseurs will have the pleasure of acquiring. These exclusive models reflect creative daring accentuated by rarity. Embodying perfect expressions cultivated by decades of expertise. The Limited Editions are exceptional, precious – and naturally much sought.

Only 10 styles in maximum 300 pieces are produced each season so only a limited amount of items are sold in each country. Our customers will have the pleasure to enjoy their MAYA MAYA product knowing that only a few other pieces can be found worldwide.

All Limited Edition models are numbered and a certificate with our designers dedication is attached. Each single sale of a Limited Edition item is traced to its final destination. With our web applications you can trace the low density of items per region.

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Schulstrasse 1,
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