A fabric which is more comfortable, stretch and warm than any other Shell fabric. 

  • " protection and warmth..."

    The cuts and construction are carefully designed in order to give the perfect protection in spring, autumn and winter conditions. Most of the SoftShells are 3-layer fabrics, whereby you have the perfect combination of weather protection and warmth in one piece. The surface fabric is stretch, DWR (DurableWaterRepellent) treated and gives you freedom of movement. 

Created for comfort and function

The SoftShells -created to be used in our garments- have a high level of resistance to all external conditions like cold, heat, water, abrasion, chemicals, ... They are- like our designs- eternal in existence.

  • "...protects you and maintains your microclimate..."

    Moving outdoors might surprise us. The most beautiful day can change. Then protection is needed. We enjoy the quality, comfort and functionality of SoftShells. The Climate Control SoftShells will protect you and maintain your microclimate.The high level of breathability is essential to keep us dry inside while the windproofness keeps us comfortable from the outside.

Challenge your senses...

...and never leave your comfort zone

 Enjoy your freedom in movement. MAYAMAYA SoftShells are the notion and concept
you seek in moderate weather conditions.

  • "...waterproof, breathable and highly functional..."

    Depending on the cuts and construction – adapted to the use – we structure the SoftShell garments into light and classic. The fabric containing a PTFE membrane is 100% waterproof. To maintain comfort and softness, these SoftShells are not constructed for extreme weather conditions-like extreme rain- so the seams are mostly not taped. Each of the Softshell groups are dedicated to it's use and it's best performance described below.


These SoftShells are used for Nordic skiing, running, trekking and ski touring. They all have a 4-way stretch fabric (5), are highly breathable (2), water (1) and wind (3)resistant. In addition the shell fabric (5) is DWR treated (4). The PTFE membrane (6) is water and windproof, the lining (7) has a soft touch and it's bonded to the membrane.

SOFTSHELL- classic

These SoftShells are used mainly for casual, city and apres ski wear. They have a very comfortable face and inner fabric, they are all water and wind resistant. In addition to the SoftShell- light (above), they are equipped with a fleecy inner insulating layer for cold conditions (7).

Main benefits

  • highly breathable
  • windproof
  • water resistant
  • many are 4 way stretch
  • many of them have a warm fleece lining
  • most of them have a PTFE waterproof membrane
  • many of them are low weight and low volume
  • comfortable and soft
  • multifunctional - covering many activities
  • advanced technical elements (zippers, hood,...)
  • DurableWaterRepellant (DWR) treatment
  • easy to maintain and durable

MAYA MAYA is advising

All SoftShell fabrics we use are perfect in protection. They keep the weather out and maintain your microclimate. They perform well in autumn, winter and spring conditions. In extreme conditions a HardShell is needed. We do not suggest wearing a HardShell on top of a SoftShell. In case of extreme weather & extreme cold conditions it is more recommended to wear a HardShell on top of one of The Bear Group garments.

Climate Control

The Bear Group