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Climate Control is the main element of our waterproof and breathable shell fabrics. It's a highly performing membrane keeping water and wind out of our protective clothing system and allowing perspiration to escape.  

  • "...best performance..."

    The traveller, fully protected and enjoying his endless freedom of movement. Light, lighter, super light! Each gram is important. The highest functionality, lowest weight and best garment performance is a never ending challenge. The construction tuned up to each detail, ergonomic cuts and the best materials planet Earth can offer. They are all part of our unique and high performing clothing concepts.


Climate Control fabrics contain a PTFE membrane with millions of microscopic pores much smaller than water droplets and much larger than water vapor molecules. Protecting us to remain dry and warm, and allow body moisture to escape.

  • "...maintaining our microclimate is essential..."

    Moving outdoors and maintaining our microclimate inside our protective clothing system is essential for our endurance and safety. In order to stay dry and feel comfortable, we need a highly breathable membrane managing the moisture levels inside our clothing system. We move, we sweat, our body perspiration can make us freeze. The high level of breathability is essential to keep us warm and dry inside while the water-and windproofness keeps us dry and comfortable from the outside.


...aim the star, goal the sky

Wherever you go, you shall be save. You have your perfect protection - Climate Control. The rest of your journey depends on you, your fitness and endurance - your body's performance.

  • "...perfect in protection, eternal in existence..."

    The best available materials till the smallest details: Zippers, linings, seam tapes, cords, ... and the newest production technologies including a highly trained workforce are substantial elements of our supply chain. Our lifetime warranty on all Climate Control garments proves the quality. The design, ergonomy and functionality of the whole protective clothing system, they all together make each single piece as "one" -eternal in existence.


itself is waterproof, windproof and breathable. The microporous structure of our PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane is so well and dense structured that it doesn't allow water (liquid) to enter, however it allows a high level of perspiration (gas) to escape.


The outer surfaces of our highly functional shell fabrics always have a treatment called DurableWaterRepellency (DWR). ....making water drops (liquid) bead up and repelling it on the fabric surface. It is highly recommended, that we renew this treatment after several washings.

The membrane will always keep you dry, however a low degree of DWR might give you a so called "wet look" from the outside.  


Resistance to water penetration (1). Only garments having a PTFE Membrane (3) and a water column of at least 7000 mm/H2O, we consider waterproof. The outer shell (2) is in addition DWR treated. The membrane protects all insulation layers (4) and preserves your microclimate.

BREATHABILITY- moisture permeability

The property that allows perspiration vapor (1) exiting the skin to pass through our fabrics (2) to the outside air. Sweat on long term makes us wet and cools our body. That makes us freeze at low outside temperatures. High level of humidity feels much colder than low temperatures at dry air. Our highly functional PTFE membrane (3), The Bear Group (4) and all other functional materials we use, have the highest possible breathability, they keep us dry and comfortable.


Protection against the wind (1) and it's windchill factor (the temperature experienced in a blowing wind which is below the actual temperature). Cold air does not penetrate our functional garments (2) protected by PTFE membrane (3). This way The Bear Group (4) can keep us warm. The windproofness helps us to preserve our microclimate.

The difference

between HardShell and SoftShell

The HardShells are used as highly functional weather protections in all extreme weather conditions.Their abrasion resistance is high and they can be challenged in the most extreme weather conditions. They are light and have low volume.

The SoftShells are mainly thermal insulated, the shell and inner surface are softer then at HardShells. The inner surface is mainly fleece. They are perfect for daily sports activities in cold and harsh conditions as well as on sunny days. They are not constructed for extreme weather conditions like extreme rain or snow storms. They are light and have more volume then HardShells.

MAYA MAYA is advising

All shell fabrics we use are waterproof, windproof and breathable to the highest possible frontiers. They are perfect in protection. We recommend to read our dedicated care instructions to maintain the high and long lasting performance.

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