Beautiful and functional

  • "...next to skin or second layer..."

    MicroBear is a highly functional fabric. It has different structures and different weights. They provide versatility and warmth. 

    It is maschine washable, dries quickly and is a perfect alternative to wool. Compared to wool it is lighter, dries faster, is biological neutral and regulates your microclimate below the shell jacket more efficient. It can be worn directly to the skin or as the next layer above Body Control.

Stay warm and dry

  • "...feels soft and warm."

    It's yarn quality allows perspiration to penetrate through fabric to the outer surface fast and keeps you dry. 
    The MicroBear is produced from a very thin microscopic yarn. It feels soft and warm. The additional long lasting treatment makes the MicroBear hydrophobic- water repellent. 

The touch of cotton

It's high quality micro fibres give the touch of cotton, friendly to the skin. Compared to cotton it is highly functional, dries extremely fast and represents one of our functional layers.

  • "...the perspiration penetrates through the fabric..."

    It might be mixed with elastane or lycra which enables us to make the cuts ergonomic- body fit. Additional treatment made the outer surface slight water repellent and wind absorbing. It is plain and smooth whereby inner surface might be slightly brushed and soft. 

    It's quality micro yarn structure allows the perspiration to penetrate through the fabric to the outer surface fast, keeps you dry and warm.

The MicroBear keeps you warm

The fleece fabric is knitted and slightly combed on the inside (1). On the outside (2) it has a smoother surface. The quality of the yarn and technology used is decisive for the quality of the insulation. The small air traps (3) accumulate air. Trapped air is the best insulation. Higher the density of the fibers, less warm air get lost-  better it is trapped. That all together enables the MicroBear to be a well performing insulation.

The MicroBear keeps you dry

The structure of the inner and outer surface enables the so called blotting effect. Whereby a small water dropp on the inside (1) spreads to a much bigger area on the outside (2). Besides the transfer of fluid the perfectly smooth and well structured fibers enable the body vapor (3) to escape as well. In order to maintain the microclimate the best, the highest level of breathability is important.

Accelerated breathability

Movements create an airflow (3) beneath the shell fabric. This airflow is essential as it distributes the moisture equal and accelerates the breathability. The structure and proper density of the material enables air to circulate and provides high level of breathability (4). The air traps (1) accumulate warmth, the blotting effect (2) keeps you dry.

Good to know!

We are used to wear cotton more than wool. Neither, especially cotton is not suitable for our functional clothing concept. Cotton has the property to soak water- that keeps us wet and does not allow the body moisture to penetrate all
protective layers. Cotton makes us freeze.
All the styles are stretchable and have to be worn tight to the skin
or to the underwear- Body Control- in order to perform.

How does it work?

  • Fine fibers
    Provide smooth texture which is extremely soft and comfortable.
  • Smell free
    The yarn prevents the growth of bacteria and gives us a feeling of freshness all time.
  • Breathability
    The perspiration works in real time.
  • Elasticity
    Provides perfect fitting in movement.
  • Ergonomy
    The cuts are shaped to your body's needs, the structure fits to our body's performance. 
  • Moisture wicking properties
    Keep the garment dry, hyrophobic- water repellent. 
  • Highly efficient moisture transfer
    To the outer surface- keeps you dry. 
  • Durable
    The anti-pilling quality maintains the outlook and functionality for a very long time.
  • Light weight and thermal
    The construction, knitting and slight inside brushing create a high volume and low weight- keeps us warm.
  • Stay dry
    The moisture is immediately absorbed and released to the outer surface. 
  • Blotting effect
    The moisture spreads on the outer surface and evaporates faster.
  • Quick dry 
    Keeps you warm and dry.

MAYA MAYA is advising

All MicroBear products are based on ergonomy, functionality and softness. 
We recommend gentle use according to it's purpose. The main purpose of MicroBear is insulation and moisture permeability. Direct contact of backpack straps or other technical equipment can permanently damage the structure and functionality.