• The Bear group

    Your perfect insulation

The polar bear is never cold!

  • His hair is...

    hollow and look like very small tubes of glass. The hollow guard hairs trap warmth and keep it close to the skin while also providing an oily outer layer that prevents the polar bear from getting wet.

The Bear Group keeps you warm and dry

  • "...highly breathable..."

    The fleece fabrics are tiny almost microscopic. The fleece surface increases air circulation and is highly breathable. Air pockets provide insulation and keep you warm. Additional surface treatment to our incredibly fine “combed” fibres with teflon prevents “The Bear Group” from getting wet.

We adopt, We learn...

...the Polar bear is a mammal, as we are

  • "...trap warmth and survive..."

    Exemplary to us, the polar bear's millions of years of evolution. Our body did not adopt that fast and well. Our technology can help - inspired by the polar bear's path. The Bear Group trap warmth similar to how it does. Different layers adopt to it's skin-fur-hair structure.

    It's insulating hairs trap heat close to the skin, much like The Bear Group – the insulating concept of humans. The polar bear thought us how to protect, how to trap warmth and survive under extreme cold conditions. 

PolarBear- feel warm, feel good

PolarBear is a fleece fabric of the highest quality. It has a long lasting anti-pilling treatment. The thickness, density and fiber quality makes it the warmest insulating fleece structure. The air traps (1) on both sides- inside and out- keep you warmand the body moisture evaporates (3). The airflow (2) on the outer fleece surface spreads the moisture vapor below the shell fabric, which helps you to dry faster.

More in detail

ThermoBear- my microclimate, just right

ThermoBear is a fleece fabric of the highest quality. It has a long lasting anti-pilling treatment. It's density, fiber quality and it's air traps (1) on the inner side keep you warm. It has a highly functional blotting effect (2) which helps the body moisture to spread on the outer surface fast. In addition the airflow (3) on the outer fleece surface spreads the moisture vapor (4) below the shell fabric which helps you to dry faster.

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MicroBear- beautiful and functional

Beside the tight and compressible underwear we have in our collection well designed sweaters and thin pullovers which can be worn on top of the underwear or directly to the skin. They have a blotting effect (2), small air traps (1) and they are highly breathable (4). The air flow (3) on the outer surface spreads the moisture vapor and helps to dry faster.

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Body Control- your next to skin garment

It is essential to wear a next to skin garment which compresses your body. It's structure is ergonomically designed in order to support your body's performace. Like MicroBear, this tight underwear has a perfect blotting effect (2-3) as well - it transfers your body's vapor (1) to it's outer surface and spreads it on a larger area in order to dry faster.

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PrimaLoft- warmth without weight

PrimaLoft One is the highest performing insulation on the market. It's warm, water resistant (2), soft and compressible (3). It's ultra-fine fibers form tiny air pockets (6) that trap body heat and keep the cold out. The result is immediate warmth. It's highly breathable (5), 4 way stretch (1) and dries quickly (4).

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Good to know!

The Bear Group has enhanced moisture permeability, retains body heat, it's comfortable and dries quickly.
  It has a very high durability, a non-pilling treatment and it's appearance maintains after multiple washes lofted. 

How does it work?

  • Fine fibers
    provide smooth texture which is extremely soft and comfortable
  • Long fibers
    Provide the potential to accumulate air – best insulation.
  • Air traps
    Accumulate and retains air and preserves our microclimate.
  • Smell free
    The yarn prevents the growth of bacteria and gives us a feeling of freshness all time.
  • Breathability
    The perspiration works in real time.
  • Elasticity
    Provides perfect fitting in movement.
  • Ergonomy
    The cut are shaped to your body s needs, the structure fits our body's performance.
  • Moisture wicking properties
    Keep the garment dry, hydrophobic – water repellent.
  • Highly efficient moisture transfer
    To the outer surface – keeps us dry.
  • Durable
    The anti-pilling quality maintains the outlook and functionality for a very long time.
  • Light weight and thermal
    The Construction, knitting, brushing and the air traps create a high volume and low weight, keep us warm-perfect insulation.

Maya Maya is advising

All “The Bear Group” products are based on ergonomy, functionallity and softness. We recommend gentle use according to it's purpose. The main purpose of The Bear Group is insulation and moisture permeability. Direct contact of backpack straps or other technical equipment can permanently damage the structure and functionality.

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