• Your second skin

    The concept of active clothing

We became...

  • ...urbanised!

    Many thousand years ago we started to change, our evolution speed up, we started to discover, to travel, to look for new frontiers. Our body was -and still is- adapted to environmental conditions in Africa that time.

    We became the most successful species on Earth!

We moved...

... to the north! That fundamentally changed our lives. The challenge was – to survive, to adopt.

We were moving faster than our evolution could follow. We needed protection, we started to wear fur.

  • My skin

    was my first line of defence. It is perfect in protection against mechanical injuries, biological hazard, chemical substances, heat, cold, sun, water, wind – the environment we lived in thousands of years ago. It is capable of thermo regulation. It makes us feel sensations. It is a living and changing organ, capable of adapting to environmental changes – however not as fast as we are challenging it. It is our biggest organ capable of healing and reconstructing itself.

Mother Earth

got her atmosphere and life began...

  • ...mankind got clothing and survived.

    The universal laws existing in the universe are based on the fact that there is always a symbiosis in creation. As well in protection. It is all multidimensional and looks like it was created by coincidence. In all this apparent disorder there is a fundamental order. Without it the universe would not exist, the Earth would not be inhabitable and we could not survive. The Earth's atmosphere has protective layers - each one dedicated to a specific mission. Our skin has protective layers as well. Our clothing concept- with respect to both- is tuned to the best possible efficiency, learning from nature and protecting us.

"I have my clothing and i am...

  • ... naked on Everest, free under the sea
    my microclimate is not too hot,
    not too cold, just right."

    We are not capable to survive without proper clothing! Even more...
    We challenge the nature and our own frontiers,
    go for active experience and extreme ventures!

My second skin

Our skin has three layers, their combined function is similar to “Our second skin” in thermo regulation and protection. As we moved into more extreme climate conditions and are continuously challenging the nature we need a perfect second skin. My second skin became my first line of defence. MAYA MAYA protection technology – your second skin – the concept of active clothing.

  1. The skin
  2. Body vapor- just a part of it is real vapor, the rest is fluid.
  3. Body Control- your next to skin garment. Transferrs your body vapor & fluid to it's outer surface.
  4. It evaporates and easily penetrates to the outside while keeping the warmth inside.
  5. ThermoBear and/or MicroBear.
  6. Additionally vaporates your sweat and transfers it faster to the outside.
  7. PolarBear- regulates the comfort zone and your microclimate.
  8. Body vapor and extensive heat are released to the shell fabric. The airflow between the thermal layers (The Bear Group) and the shell spreads equally.
  9. The shell lining protects the membrane.
  10. The shell membrane guarantees waterproofness and breathability.
  11. The shell fabric protects your clothing concept.
  12. Weather conditions- storm, rain, snow, wind- are kept outside. Your comfort zone and microclimate remain inside.

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