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The protection technology is tuned to perfection. The materials chosen sustain all weather and temperature conditions and maintain your body's performance. The high level of breathability helps your ascent to remain comfortable and dry. The perfect ergonomic design & construction give you the freedom of movement while you descent. Each single little detail is dedicated to support your movement. The lowest possible weight with the best possible function.

  • Back-country skiing

    Technology behind ...

    Ergonomy, function and comfort while ascending and skiing on high attitudes are up to the extreme. You are always fully protected – highly breathable while ascending, climbing, hiking and warmed while skiing down the mountain. Our high-end man and ladies’ tour ski jackets and pants, will give you the best comfort and protection. PTFE breathable membrane is completely waterproof, windproof and gives you the best possible protection in high and cold attitudes. In extreme stormy conditions, you will feel as comfortable as on a beautiful and warm ski day. All ski jackets contain Recco beacon, to keep you searchable and found. The construction is ergonomic to the detail and respects your body’s full performance. Climbing up and skiing down - always maintaining your comfort zone.

Function and design is what you wear

  • Freeride powder skiing clothing

    Designer's Statement

    We love to integrate fashion & function. That is what you wear having joy in high ascents and descents. High-end ski jackets and pants include many additional features and great designs. Your ski jacket - stylish, highly functional and comfortable to wear. The collection is inspired by the beautiful colours of the Omo tribe - one of the last living tribes as thousands of years ago. Their colours and styles are as exclusive, unique and fashionable, as our Tour Ski collection.

    Designed for tour skiers by respecting the need of a climber as well as of a high performing skier - never to be surprised by unexpected weather conditions, always save and comfortable.

Tour selection

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Official sponsor of Ski Touring Community

Inclines can be fun for ski tourers and mountaineers. Being aware of the excitement this discipline can have, we partnered with Ski Touring community on Instagram. Our common mission is: "To increase the awareness of ski touring as sport across the world." And vision to: "Establish the largest ski touring and mountaineering community online."

Discover the beautiful nature and ski touring incline shots from across the globe. Be a part of the fast growing community. Be inspired & inspire others.


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