Ice, powder and speed

Freeride is not for everyone, we cannot enjoy it everywhere and any time. The right weather and snow conditions are vital. This collection is designed for the perfect ride, nice weather, great powder and speed. It is extremely light, breathable and warm. The colors chosen are for your protection. Freedom of movement is essential for your joy. The extreme breathability and insulation protect your comfort zone.

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  • Avalanche protective clothing

    Technology behind ...

    Ergonomy, function and comfort while skiing on high attitudes are up to the extreme. You are always fully protected – warmed while skiing, covered by powder, discovering the untouched slopes, enjoying the jumps, avoiding the trees and resting on a break at a beautiful cottage. Our high-end man and ladies’ freeride ski jackets and pants, will give you the desired comfort and protection. The high performing membrane is completely breathable, waterproof, windproof and gives you the best possible protection in high and cold attitudes. Recco avalanche protection system is installed in each piece, to keep you searchable and found. The construction is ergonomic to the detail and respects your body’s full performance.

We are dedicated to perfection:

we create never seen designs,

we implement advanced technology,

we provide the best function and protection.

  • Fresh powder snow in mountains

    Designer's Statement

    We love to integrate fashion & function. That is what you wear while having joy in deep and steep powder. Highly functional ski jackets and pants include many high performing details and great designs. Your ski jacket is stylish, functional and comfortable to wear. A collection inspired by the beautiful colours of the Omo tribe - one of the last living tribes as thousands of years ago. Their colours and styles are as exclusive, unique and fashionable, as our Freeride Ski collection.

    We are proud to hear our customers saying: gorgeous, beautiful, comfortable, unrepeatable and irresistible in design and for the free rider not less important - highly functional.

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Powder skiing is "the thing to do" right now. Flat skis and avalanche safety equipment have made this sport more accessible and enjoyable. With increasing popularity of this sports' online presence, we have started supporting Powder Heads in November, 2017.

Follow the community and discover the most amazing, extreme and inspiring freeride skiing shots from around the world.


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