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Function & design

Being comfortable, warm, and still look unique is important on those cold evenings. Après ski is time to look remarkable and socialize. Walking, dancing, and even standing in cold conditions is considered to be an outdoor activity.

For that, I need outerwear that will protect me from the cold, make me comfortable and fit perfectly.  


Function & design, is what you wear.


The needed protection was taken into consideration while designing the collections. The perfect combination was achieved with high breathability, comfort, and warmth. Most of the high-end jackets have PrimaLoft technology and are waterproof.

They often have an additional fleece layer for comfort and warmth. All styles are limited edition, unrepeatable and irresistible in design, perfect for all the after ski parties.


Odoo • Text and Image

If you don't go,   you don't have a story.

Odoo • Image and Text

Designer's statement

"We continuously search for roots of civilizations, study their cultures, art, traditional clothing and handcraft. They are our guidelines, stories and inspirations."

Tatjana, lead designer

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