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Due to global warming the ski slopes are located in areas where extreme weather conditions are very common. We are skiing in altitudes where 100 years ago rarely someone was climbing. We didn't change - our clothing concepts did. Decades of expertise in designing highly performing outerwear for the Himalayas made the new Ski collection technically advanced, unrepeatable and irresistible in design.

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  • Alpine skiing on a sunny day

    Technology behind...

    Ergonomy, function and comfort while skiing on high attitudes are up to the extreme. You are always fully protected – warmed while skiing, on the ski lift and on a break at a beautiful cottage. While speeding down the slope, our best performing man and ladies’ ski jackets and pants, will give you the desired comfort and protection. The high performing and breathable membrane is completely waterproof, windproof and gives you the best possible protection in high and cold attitudes. In extreme stormy conditions, you will feel as comfortable as on a beautiful and warm ski day. All ski jackets contain Recco beacon, to keep you searchable and found. The construction is ergonomic to the detail and respects your body’s full performance.

We are dedicated to perfection:

we create never seen designs,

we implement advanced technology,

we provide the best function and protection.

  • Winter ski terrain

    Designer's Statement

    Yes, it is a challenge to create a designer ski jacket - stylish, highly functional and comfortable to wear. A collection inspired by the beautiful colours of the Omo tribe - one of the last living tribes as thousands of years ago. Their colours and styles are as exclusive, unique and fashionable, as our Alpine Ski collection.

    We are proud to hear our customers saying: gorgeous, beautiful, comfortable, unrepeatable and irresistible in design.

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We are a part of the growing online community of alpine skiing. We have been supporting Alpine Ski Club from November 2017. Our common mission is: "Gathering alpine skiers from around the globe, sharing pictures of most beautiful alpine skiing locations and establishing the largest online community of alpine skiers in the world."

Always happy and excited faces of people around the world are priceless to see. From Swiss Alps to Rocky Mountains in USA.


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