If you don't go you don't have a story

Many thousands of years ago we were all nomads. With only one difference - we were moving in an environment, our body was adopted to. We became explorers, but now we are constantly moving in regions where we need to be protected. The nomadic collection is dedicated to protect you under sustainable weather conditions. It is dedicated to comfort and movement in lowlands, deserts, mountains and marked trails under moderate weather conditions.

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Official sponsor of Top Trekking Spots

Maya Maya is an official sponsor of the growing community Top Trekking Spots since the beginning of 2017. Taking journeys is in our nature, it defines who we are. By sponsoring such community we try to assist by enabling moments that correspond to our core values and invite everyone to join the journey. The world that we have settled in is a unique place. We have to capture every moment on the film, so it becomes eternal. 


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