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Trekking essentials

What to pack and dress for the journey?
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Trekking 101

How to prepare for trekking?
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Mountaineering essentials

What should I take to the mountains?
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Mountain dangers: Crumbling, snow patches, animals

How to avoid and tackle them?
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...created for action.


I go, discover new trails, new stories, new lands. It can take me a day or more. I have to be ready for all possible weather conditions. The only things i know is the region, the general weather to be expected and the altitudes to be passed. I need proper garments, not too hot, not too cold, just right. I need a shell for protection and a perfect thermal insulation for warmth. Good breathability, rain and wind protection are essential in order to maintain my comfort zone.

Official sponsor of Hill Winners

Maya Maya is an official sponsor of the growing community Hill Winners since the beginning of 2017. We share equal values for sharing stories and encourage people to go and have the best story. It is our mission to support and share the winner mentality among people. There's no better feeling than reaching the top of the mountain and see the view, take a moment and snap it, because this is your story!


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