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Short and shirt for mountain biking by MAYA MAYA

Function & design

The mountain bike is the perfect machine in harmony with my body. My trails are unique, challenging, and tell stories. It’s strange how a small handlebar movement can make a difference. I need breathable, stretchy, functional outerwear to accompany me on my mountain biking journeys. 
Man mountain biking in nature by MAYA MAYA  
A man mountain biking down a mountain biking trail in nature by MAYA MAYA  

I choose better, not easier  


The compact and breathable outerwear made from durable material is my partner on the mountain biking adventures. Padded lycra inserts, pockets with zippers, and high protective materials are the functionalities I need. If I fall and make damage to the side material, the silicon camouflage pattern will protect.

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If you don't go,   you don't have a story.

Omo Tribe woman with face paintings and accessories

Designer's statement

"We love to integrate fashion and unique details, with protective apparel for off road."

Tatjana, lead designer

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