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More than 5,000 years ago, yoga practioneers knew how to reach kaivalya, the state of ultimate freedom. Now I turn back to the roots of traditional yoga. I practice ashana body poses for physical exercise and for unification of mind, body and spirit. It makes me feel calm, relaxed, virtuous and stronger.

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    Designing this product line was centered around the calming colour of the water - indigo blue. It has been depicted in the colourful prints on yoga tights and functional T-shirts. Since the current design inspiration is the colorful Omo tribe, it was rather self-explanatory for our designer to depict the tribe's colourful patterns on our yoga workout collection items. Unique design of yoga pants also called for reflective prints, that make you visible also after sunset.

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    Yoga is about freedom of movement. Freeflow body gestures should not be limited by an external factor like clothing fabrics. Therefore, this yoga pants and shirt collection is endorsed by finest 4-way-stretch that will give you soft and unimpeded feeling to your yoga session.

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These days, the meaning of "yoga" is often mixed with "asana" - complex body postures - which is only one of eight limbs of traditional yoga. The latest is loosing on its meaning of "spiritual balance".

Mountain Yoga community is sharing the lives of traditional yoga practicioneers around the world. Follow them on Instagram to witness the stories of yoga from unique and beautiful natural scenery.


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