Running is my past, presence and future

Mammals are the fastest species on Earth. We humans have the advantage of endurance. That made the difference hundreds of thousands of years ago. Our evolution speeded up to become the most dominant species on Earth. NOW we have a need to run, as we were always on the move. We have to compensate the disadvantages of our so called civilized lifestyle with running and walking, in order to perform. Ergonomics and best performance are the essence of our running collection.

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  • Technology behind

    Garments are endorsed by 4-way-stretch for freedom of movement. Perfectly smooth quick-dry fibers enable fast escape of body vapor and sweat. Windproof and waterproof layers can be found on particular products, in order to handle the unpredictable weather outdoors. 

    This technically advanced running collection will keep you moving forward.

When I run, I feel "runderful"

  • Designer's Statement

    A collection inspired by the unique Omo tribe - one of the last living tribes as thousands of years ago. Colorful color palete is a graphic depiction of tribe's main color tones, which they use for face art. Designs of this running collection line are as exclusive, unique and fashionable, as Omo tribe's art.

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