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Warm and cozy

A polar bear is never cold, and so is she. The fleece fabrics increase the air circulation and make the garment highly breathable - perfect for any activity. Choose among three different levels of our Polar Group isolation technology.

Microbear - warm

Thermobear - very warm

Polarbear - extremely warm

Designer ski jacket

Give her the best she deserves. Top-end ski jacket with perfect protection and even better design. High breathability, waterproofness and windproofness never disappoint. Special gift for a special person.

Exclusive ski jacket

Classic ski jacket

Mountain lover

Ensure her protection in extreme weather conditions in the mountains. Waterproofness and windproofness solve the threats of rain and wind. Choose among different layers of protective jackets.

2-layer jacket - wind, rain, cold

3- layer jacket - wind, rain

Softshell jacket - wind, cold

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Indoor fitness outfit

For a good look at the gym. Unique designs will make her different from others. Great emphasis is on breathability for feeling of freshness. 4-way-stretch ensures ergonomic fit and freedom in movement.

Long-sleeve shirt


Capri tights

Simple, trendy and comfortable

Even if not in active movement, style and protection are essential. From pom hats to cotton shirts. Everything for that comfortable outdoor feel.

Kara cap

Pom cap

Tribe shirt

Venus shirt

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