Merino wool comes from one of the world's most ancient breeds of sheep, Merino. This natural fibre is grown year-round on farms all around the world. Every year these sheep produce a new fleece, making wool completely renewable.

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Excellent breathability


Super soft




MAYA MAYA merino wool fabric combines merino wool, polyamide and micro modal. The latter ensures a super soft and comfortable feel on the skin and is itch-free. A shirt made out of 100% wool would be sensitive to holes, so we added polyamide to increase durability, essential in rough outdoor conditions.

Merino's breathable nature excels in regulating body temperature. That is why it is a perfect base or mid-layer for outdoor activities. Take it with you on your travels as its wrinkle resistible and washable nature makes it a great clothing item to pack.

By purchasing a MAYA MAYA Merino wool piece of clothing, you are investing in a perfect product designed to perform and last you many adventures to come. Hiking or skiing, our merino wool collection assists you to do your best.