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The store is located in Designer Outlet Croatia, right next to IKEA. It opened in autumn 2018. The location is great and makes the store very accessible to all the people that live in Zagreb, as well as visitors that are stopping by from the highway. The fact that the store is so close to both the city and the highway is what makes the location special.

Meet the team

Company team


Store Manager

“I am a person who is in love with sports, highly motivated with a competitive spirit. Every morning I enjoy the smells and sounds of the forest, which I enjoy through different forms of exercise. Long walks early in the morning, good music, and coffee are the things that make me happy every day. As a matter of fact, I found myself attracted to the Maya Maya brand because their clothing gives me exactly what I need; comfort, quality, and fresh design.”

Company team


Shop Assistant

“l like this brand because I can see that people who are buying Maya Maya want to be unique. I think I can contribute to the company. As a young girl full of energy, I am good at performing multiple tasks. This skill would be useful to me in life as well. I like to work as a part of the team and I have never had trouble in solving difficult tasks.”


Designer Outlet Croatia
Ulica Alfreda Nobela 4
Sop, Sesvete-Kraljevec, 10361
Zagreb, Croatia

  +385 (1) 4646 378

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About zagreb

Zagreb is both the capital and the largest city in Croatia. The population of the city and the surrounding area is above 1 million. The city is extremely beautiful and it offers everything that a capital city possibly can - museums, galleries, restaurants, bars, and much more.