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Meet the superstar web store team of Maya Maya that works its magic "behind the scenes." Young, educated, and highly motivated individuals that are all physically active to some extent and have an appreciation for nature. The web store team works mostly remotely, so the opportunities to work in real natural environments are always presenting themselves. Keeping in touch through the amazing opportunities the Internet has given us, hanging out in workshops, team buildings, and sometimes outside of official business events- all results in true friendships, openness, teamwork, and synergy. 


dorijan garbajs

Chief Marketing Officer

As a passionate windsurfer and mountain biker, I continuously stem for adventure and freedom. I aim to attain a proper work-life balance, which enables me to stay creative and focused on a daily basis. Remote and digitally-based teamwork is a key contributor to that, especially when you are working in a group of such great people, friends.

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

katja ČemaŽar 

Graphic Designer

I love sport and I’m crazy about traveling. As I’m also a graphic designer and photographer, Maya Maya is a perfect fit for my lifestyle. The company breathes with its values and the main slogan- If you don’ go, you don’t have a story. When I create new graphic content, I can express myself through hobbies. That’s why my job never gets boring.

aleksandra petrovska

Website Editor

I love working with a team that I feel comfortable with, for a company that I truly believe in. In my free time, I like to discover the mysteries of nature that make me think that heaven may be a place on Earth. Nature is truly a place where I can find beauty in everything, and most importantly inner peace. Also, I love to hang out with the people I love, and my cute dog Marley. 

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

julija zeilhofer

Social Media Specialist 

I am an athlete by heart - my passion is action - I competed in Acrobatic Rock and Roll, I was a part of the faculty’s cheerleading team, I dance, I do horse-riding and I ski. I also enjoy the summer sports (wakeboarding, kitesurfing) and have tried myself in windsurf foiling. Therefore, I enjoy working with MAYA MAYA as it represents an active lifestyle which also aligns with my values.