Meet our team of ambassadors who through their remarkable stories bring our unique products to life.



Andrea Thurner

"I‘m Andrea and live in Salzburg/Austria. The Austrian Alps are my playground - whether hiking and via ferratas in summer or ski touring and skiing in winter. In my free time, I am almost always in the mountains. I love to face new challenges and enjoy the beauty of nature."


Anita Mohler

“My name is Anita. I have the privilege to live in the gorgeous country of Switzerland. I’m an outdoor and nature enthusiast and passionate hobby photographer. I spend my free time hiking and discovering beautiful places here in Switzerland and on my travels abroad and capture these moments through my lens. As someone that spends a lot of time in nature, exploring the wonders of our planet, being responsible, and respectful towards nature and all its inhabitants is my philosophy of life. As the famous John Muir once said: “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.”


Dominik Kobler

"My name is Dominik and I discovered the joy of photography 6 years ago. Since I grew up in the mountains, the landscape in Graubünden has always fascinated me. I'm the most excited about the clear blue mountain lakes in our canton. At first, I was often traveling alone until I came across people who shared the same interest as I did. Together we planned trips and the resulting pictures remind me of these great moments again and again. Gradually photography became more and more my hobby and life. Maya Maya's clothes accompany me on my travels through the Alps."


Kevin Fankhauser

"My name is Kevin, I’m from Austria and I love nature. It doesn't matter if it's flora, fauna, or mountains, but I prefer to explore areas and climb mountains that are non-hotspots. What do I really love and what does pure freedom mean to me? To be somewhere in the mountains and not see any crowds, huts, or streets. Just the rough nature and me. That's exactly what I’m living for because I firmly believe that the world would be a lot better if everyone took enough time to observe nature and learn from it. You learn a little more about yourself with every adventure. Provided you are outside your comfort zone. That’s how I see it."