Rising sun 

If you don't go , you don't have a story.

The Rising Sun - the Functional Wear inspired by the ancient Japanese culture and all that it represents; harmony, respect, purity, and silence in living. The items have unique details from the arts of calligraphy, Geisha clothing, armor structure, and details from Samurai warriors, creating a mysterious and haunting collection.

harmony & respect

Created for men, inspired by the Samurai warriors. The clothes represent harmony, respect, and order. High functionality and a sophisticated look. 

Odoo • Image and Text


In many of the items in the Rising Sun collection, we depicted the Japanese letters.

Odoo • Image and Text

The Rising Sun symbol represents the collection. 

Sensuality & sophistication 

Created for women, inspired by the beautiful Geisha art. The clothes represent sensuality, sophistication, and strength. Designs that respect the traditional, combined with functionality.  

Odoo • Image and Text


"Wearing a collection created with the inspiration of an amazing story, designed with dedicated details, having perfect fit and comfort is something that will induce emotions in you, and make you unique. "

Tatjana, lead designer


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