If you don't go , you don't have a story.

New journey. New inspiration.

Starting in 2021, a new inspiration lies behind the unique artwork of the collection. Turning back to the roots of the often-contemptuous Maya civilization. Discovering a remarkable yet forgotten culture. This collection aims to raise awareness of the mystic Maya civilization, its past, present, and future.

Unique & indigenous

A source of past legacy yet unknown. Once a large and mighty civilization, now a forgotten mystical story that awakens inspiration.

Brights & emotions

Present descendants, loyal to their roots, remain unique and hidden far away in the highlands. Still spreading their identity through colorful tones. 

The stone & drought

The history and achievements of the glorious civilization left a strong footprint. A destiny that should not be ignored now, nor in the future.

Listening to a story told by the divine bird Quetzal – a witness from the past, bird from the present, spirit of the future.

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