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We travel through space & time , we write our stories

The myth of civilizations

"Each collection and season are unique. I continuously search for the roots of civilizations, study their cultures and art. They are my guidelines, stories, and inspirations. I capture the aspects of traditional clothing, art, handicrafts, the myth of civilization. All that in order to make a timeless collection, from my heart.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                    - Tatjana, lead designer

ancient art  

It is endlessly inventive, magical, fun, and natural. The opportunity to adopt a touch of ancient art and display it through the collection is what differentiates the brand.  It also raises the awareness of the unique cultures of this world.

The collections are unrepeatable,

The colors are unique,

The designs are irresistible,

The inspirations are eternal.

Unique, diverse & mystical

Each culture is unique. The unknown we discover, protect, and preserve. Our eyes and minds are comfortable, as they are reminded - by design - of our past.

Living on a planet overflown by diversity, we listen and learn. Sometimes the old civilizations and cultures have a deeper belief, have a more simple and dedicated understanding. Diversity is expressed by the harmony of colors.

It's mystical that some of the ancient cultures survived. Their eternity is precious for understanding who I am, how I became, and what I am.


Everything starts with deep research about a certain civilization. We focus on its characteristics, colors, motifs, facts, and stories – all giving a starting point for our creations. Focus is given on remembering the cultural beauties of our ancestors, often forgotten.


the creative process

The inspiration transforms into ingenious ideas, which our designer transfers to the tip of the pencil. Many sketches are needed to find the ideal graphic depiction of ancient mysticism in a contemporary outdoor fashion. We consider different customers’ tastes and emphasize the design differently among collection pieces. Some like strong design, while others prefer minimalism.

The beauty in design perfected with high tech.

“Function & design is what you wear.”

"Function & Design is what you wear"

We are dedicated to perfection:

to create never seen designs,

to implement advanced technology,

to provide the best function and protection.


Building a brand is a continuous and long-term process. We will proudly continue to develop the brand to be the best of it. All that in order to make a timeless collection, from our hearts.”

                                                                                                    – Tatjana, lead designer

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