The brand

If you don't go , you don't have a story.


MAYA MAYA originates from Australia from the aborigine Nyungan - the language used by the indigenous native people of Australia, the Aborigines: “Every temporary shelter built or found by a traveler.”



It is present in the ancient scripts of all continents:

AMERICA-MAYA- Mexico's natives

EUROPE, ancient Greek-MAYA- the origin of magic

ASIA, Sanskrit-MAYA- the world is a current Illusion

AFRICA, Egyptian- MAYA-water

The traveler spoke on all continents.


the company                         

We are based in the southeast of Switzerland having the mountains as our backyard.

Our mission is to create products to preserve what we do like most - mother Earth. That is how we act locally and globally. Our products are manufactured with the least impact possible and we care that the nature where our passions play, will be available for generations to come.

We are specialized in skiing, mountaineering, chill out, and running apparel. Our story began in 1999. Ever since we have been building the brand on authentic and powerful story-telling. Today, we have several flagship stores located throughout Europe, each forming strong local communities of outdoor enthusiasts


Sustainability and authenticity stand behind our point of difference. Intense competition in the outdoor apparel market is homogeneous, where most emphasis is put on high-performing technologies. Sometimes too much emphasis is placed on value for money which often leads to a reduction in quality - we don't accept that.

MAYA MAYA products consist of only the latest and best-in-class technologies and materials since this is an integral part of protection in the outdoors. Our differentiation is based on three foundations: eternal, unique, limited.


Lifetime warranty on best-in-class technologies makes our products last in extreme conditions forever. Our eternal designs never get old. You will always be proud of wearing them.


The beauties of mystic civilizations that charm endlessly are implemented in our designs and stories. Never repeated and intriguing unique, exceptional in color and detail.


Our collections are unrepeatable in design, exclusive, and limited edition. Sold only through our concept stores and the web store you are visiting right now.

Responsible and sustainable production

Creativity takes only 20% of the entire research and development. The rest is material and technology selection, search for suitable supply chain players, design of graphical elements, ergonomic cut & construction development, sample production, and continuous supply chain control.

We are guided by passion

The R&D process is like a movie – highly creative, full of difficult and happy moments, finishing with a climax, a happy customer. The path starting with an idea and until market launch always runs into obstacles. Our mission is clear – we create the perfect products completed by design and functionality.

Function & Design is

what you wear.


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