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If you don't go , you don't have a story.


We are a Swiss outdoor clothing brand, specializing in skiing, mountaineering, chill out, and running apparel. Our story began in 1999. Ever since we have been building the brand on authentic and powerful story-telling. Today, we have several flagship stores located throughout Europe, each forming strong local communities of outdoor enthusiasts.


The name “Maya Maya” originates from the language used by the indigenous native people of Australia, the Aborigines:

“temporary shelter built or found by a traveler.”

The traveler is me, the temporary shelter are my clothes.

MAYA MAYA is present in other ancient scripts on all continents and has different meanings. 

• EUROPE (ancient Greek): MAYA - the origin of magic

• ASIA (Sanskrit): MAYA - the world is a current Illusion

• AFRICA (old Egyptian): MAYA - water

• AMERICA: MAYA - Mexico's native.


Sustainability and authenticity stand behind our point of difference. Intense competition in the outdoor apparel market is homogeneous, where most emphasis is put on high-performing technologies. Sometimes too much emphasis is placed on value for money which often leads to a reduction in quality.

MAYA MAYA products consist of only the best-in-class technologies since this is an integral part of protection in the outdoors. Our differentiation is based on three factors: unique, eternal, and limited. 


The beauties of mystic civilizations that charm endlessly are implemented in our designs and stories.


Lifetime warranty on best-in-class technologies makes them last in extreme conditions forever.


Our collections are unrepeatable in design, exclusive, and limited edition.


We are guided by eight values, which also happen to be the values of planets in our solar system, according to ancient Greek mythology. We depict them by hieroglyphic symbols of the planets as design elements in our collections.


Mercury |  Travel

We are free and without limits.


Venus | Beauty

Function and design is what you wear.


Earth |  Fertile

We affiliate to our tribe.


Mars |  Determination

We know where we go.


Jupiter | Values

They deepen our beliefs.

Saturn | Responsibility

We care about you and sustainability.


Uranus | Innovation

Our point of difference and best in class technologies.


Neptune | Mystic

We tell unique stories.

WHO is the traveler?

WHO am I?

“I am a traveler, coming from space, living on Earth, and preparing to go.”

We, human beings, are chosen to travel into space and time. We will continue doing so as long as all worlds, times, and spaces merge. Our passion for travel stems from unique experiences that form authentic stories we tell to others. We further deepen our experience to achieve self-actualization, the highest level of needs.

“If you don’t go, you don’t have a story.”

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