Mayan textile patterns
the symbolism behind

As a brand that created a collection inspired by the Mayan people, we have covered different topics presenting their culture and its amazing aspects. In the article, Mayan traditional clothing then and now, we presented the typical Mayan clothing pieces, described their production process,  and admired their beauty. 

All of the Mayan clothing is generally very colorful, bright, and takes inspiration from nature. Mayans are people who have always been very connected to nature, so naturally, the influence can be observed in their clothing patterns. 


Naturally, flowers are a big part of nature hence they are a big inspiration for Mayan clothing. All the flower motifs are inspired by Guatemalan types of flowers like violas, roses, gladioli, etc. The flowers represent things like fertility and life.  Flower pattern on a Mayan textile by MAYA MAYASource: Flickr


Diamond shapes can be found in Mayan textiles very often since they are important symbols for them. They represent the arms of the weaver.

Diamond pattern on Mayan textile by MAYA MAYA

Source: Tramatextiles


Another very important symbol in Mayan textiles is corn. Corn is an important part of Mayan mythology because it is believed that people were created from corn. White one for the bones, yellow one for the muscles, black one for the hair and the eyes, and red one for the blood. Corn is a part of the tradition of Mayans and it’s often found in their textiles.

Corn pattern on Mayan textile by MAYA MAYA

Source: Tramatextiles


When we were talking about the gods of the Mayans, the serpent was a big part of that. The creator of the world was represented in that form, so naturally, the textile has symbols that show the serpent. It’s a zigzag design. This can also signify mountains depending on the weaver. 

Serpent patter on Mayan textile by MAYA MAYA

Source: Casadelalgodon


The Quetzal bird is very important for the Mayans so its depiction in the clothing is often present. It was considered to be a sacred, divine bird. Mayans used to create headpieces with the birds’ feathers that only royalty or priests wore. 

Quetzal bird embroidered on Mayan textile by MAYA MAYA

Source: Pinterest

There are many other symbols represented in the Mayan textiles, like:

  • Bats- the keepers of the dark- they protect you from the enemies

  • Butterflies- represent freedom because of their ability to fly away

  • Cup- represents the importance of sharing with others

  • Sun- symbolizes the energy of life, and stands for the god of corn

  • Deer- strong, stable energy.

Mayan patterns in our collection

Our Mayan collection is clearly inspired by the amazing patterns of the Mayan people. 

For example, the famous diamond patterns are present on several of the functional shirts for men and ladies like Masawa shirt, Anami shirt, and Nakawe shirt. 

Diamond pattern in the Mayan collection by MAYA MAYA

Anami capri, Semeel Comfit pants, Malinali skirt, and shorts also have some versions of the diamond pattern which is the most used in our Mayan collection. Diamond and other patterns on the Mayan collection by MAYA MAYA

Another motif that is used in our collection is the serpent pattern. It can be observed in Yooko tights, Tanok bermuda, Kasakir pants, and more. 
Serpent inspired pattern on the Mayan collection by MAYA MAYA

And of course, the famous Quetzal bird pattern can be found on the Balam shorts for ladies. 

Colorful Quetzal bird on ladies shorts by MAYA MAYA

To sum up, the Mayan culture is extremely rich. It’s a source of endless inspiration for us and many people around the world. Their patterns make our collection unique, fun, and luxurious. 

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