High-performance outdoor apparel is enriched by distinctive design, inspired by mystical civilizations.

Tatjana, the artist from behind the scenes, now exclusively in an interview.



"Function & design is what you wear" – you emphasize this again and again.

"Each product I create must have a functional and a designer's note. I want the end user to feel them both. Every detail on a product is carefully and wisely selected. I draw only the best materials from different parts of the world, in order to create a technically perfect product. Material cost is not important for me, it's quality. Material selection depends highly on our extensive testing and the final use of the product. Another important factor is ergonomics. With a lot of knowledge and effort, I take into consideration everything that our body needs, in order to deliver sportsmen optimal protection, comfort and functionality.

However, I never miss the main message besides high technology – the beauty of our past civilizations. At the end of the day, the best performing sportsmen should wear the most advanced garments in an amazing timeless design."


Is it difficult to be different in our competitive world?

"Our planet is overflown by diversity. We have to listen and learn. Sometimes the old civilizations and cultures had a deeper belief, had a simpler and more dedicated message. I respect the past and that gives me power to create the future. Diversity is the essence of life.

My diversity is expressed by harmony of colors, by unrepeatable and irresistible designs. I like to go back to the past and thus bring in the touch of our ancestors. They did not go uncontrollably crazy from one season to the other, but they have with much more sense created and enjoyed their creations for a long time. Rush destroys quality, flirting with competition destroys creativity. The market is saturated with equality and flooded by cheap products with great promises. Quality and durability of clothing and the eternity of design have a significant impact on environmental sustainability. They simply reduce billions of discarded clothing."


Your trail is unique?

"Yes, in the world of today the fights for existence is great, having in mind the brands, companies and designers. Through my creative path, I want to be as unique and creative as possible, tell my stories and remind us all of our common ancient roots. I have open eyes and I am an open person. I like to do research, study and am very keen to novelties."


What is creation…. what do you like creating the most?

"Design is the consequence of creation. Creation is everything that one creates from his/her heart. I start every creation with great enthusiasm and positive energy. I complete it to perfection. I don’t create something that I am not 100% convinced about."


What motivates you while creating collections?

"Life! Each collection and season are unique. I continuously search for roots of civilizations, study their cultures, art, traditional clothing and handcraft - the myth of civilization. They are my guidelines, stories and inspirations.

Every collection I create is a consequence of travel to magical lands. All that in order to make a Maya Maya timeless collection from my heart, and share it with all of you.

I am also motivated by the enthusiasm of my team and customers – tribe members. Together with all I create only the best. The young team I am surrounded with gives me the power when launching new stories – collections. However, end-customer feedback are my pleasure and pride."


You are setting trends?

Before all, I follow my trail, my story.

I always use the best materials available, the most advanced production technologies and spend hundreds of hours to create top performing garments. When it comes to design, I only refresh and express the art of ancient trends in my own way.


There is a very high competition in the outdoor industry in terms of functional clothing. How do you tackle the pressure?

"I create, I don’t feel the pressure. Uniqueness and quality are winning. I never repeat myself and always stem for eternity.

I like competition, because it gives me the impetus not to fall asleep. Functional products are extremely important for extreme athletes. As material development has come to the highest peak of technology, it seems to me necessary to follow these trends in time. One can notice how many senseless products appear on the market due to competition. Consequence of that are often short-lived, quickly destroyed and dysfunctional products. Very often is a novelty inflated precisely because of this tough competition, as fight for sale is high."


Your recent inspiration are some tribes in Africa. What is particularly special about them?

"This year collection my inspiration originates from the tribes of the Omo Valley, border of Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan. These nomad people have no historical architecture or crafts with which to express their innate artistic sense. Instead, they use their bodies as canvases, painting unique arts on their skin with pigments made from powdered volcanic rock and adorning themselves with materials obtained from the world around them, such as flowers, leaves, grasses, shells and animal horns.

And precisely this body art that impressed me, the simplicity of those people. That is why I wanted to share and remember this unique custom."


What’s the best piece of advice you have?

"Follow your dreams, stay on your trail. Grab the opportunities, because life is running fast."


What’s your personal motto? 

"If you don,t go, you don,t have a story."


What is the mystic inspiration behind the next collection?

"It is now our 10th anniversary. And right now, this is still a secret. I'm really looking forward to presenting it in Spring 2020 at an event in our store in the Landquart Fashion Outlet. I will let you know :)"

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