We are based in the south east of Switzerland having the mountains as our backyard.
Our mission is to create products to preserve what we do like most - mother Earth.
That is how we act locally and globally. Our products are manufactured with the least impact possible and we care that the nature where our passions play, will be available for generations to come.

Our Design Philosophy

We create for eternity. A long lifespan contributes substantially to less waste and less energy consumed. Recycling is not good enough- a perfect and timeless design and quality have an important impact.

Minimising our environmental impact


We recognize that conserving natural resources is critically important to our business, customers, employees, as well as the global community. We are committed to minimise the environmental impact of our business activities through actions such as:


- Recycling- the used garments can be cost free returned to our stores in order to be recycled
- Use of development and manufacturing processes that minimise waste and other pollution
- Ensure the responsible use of energy throughout our business and supply chain, including energy conservation and improving energy efficiency
- Improve environmental protection and understanding throughout our supply chain
- Conduct business operations in compliance with all applicable government and industry environmental regulations


We continously strive to improve our environmental management system and performance.

Lifetime warranty


The unique MAYA MAYA lifetime warranty is significantly contributing to the lifespan of our products with the support of our warranty & repair service. We educate our team and customers on the newest guidelines how to maintain the products and extend their lifetime. We care that your preferred jacket stays with you for a very long time.

Best practise


Direct knowledge of our material sources means that we know the origin of what we choose, from the supplier to it's delivery at our factories. Our sourcing team requests to be continously informed of each step in production and constantly searches for the best materials available.

Green initiatives


MAYA MAYA is committed to protecting the environment through responsible and environment-oriented operating practises. This extends throughout the organization, starting with our employees. As a result, and within our new store concept the electricity consumption for lighting is reduced by 50%.



We changed the concept of packaging, reduced the consumption of shopping bags and the ones we use are from recycled paper only.



Paper clear desk policy.
Global cloud system.
No office print policy.
No printed marketing materials.
Low energy consumption through LED technology. 


If you have any questions regarding topics above or other environmental reporting/compliance concerns not found on our website, please contact : environment@mayamaya.ch

Swiss Outdoor Logistics AG,
Schulstrasse 1,
7302 Landquart,


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