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Anja Zavrl

I'm a humble little girl from the countryside. From childhood I admire the mountains. I love going to the mountains, driving a bike and skiing in winter. I'm looking for something new, more adrenaline, and this makes my body alive. 

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Nejc Kosir

I am coming back to mountains since i was just a kiddo when mom and dragged me up the summit every weekend morning. I still love mountains because of the feeling I get after long day up there. Mental and physical exhaustion, burning legs, the way my cheeks are raw and eyes are sparkeling from the harsh cold winds...

I have never felt more grateful and alive than when I'm able to share these moments with those who mean the most to me.

I am so happy to be MAYA MAYA ambassador.

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Dr David Lipman

Having run track and field in high school, I found myself road running during my 20s after some time away from running. It was during my medical studies I then found trailrunning and knew instantly I had found a new passion. I have since run and raced all over the world and continue to do so. I came across Maya Maya on social media and the brand immediately resonated with me in it’s underlying ethos as well as styling. 

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