Hill winners


Hill runners

Be a pro or enthusiast. This profile is connecting experienced hill runners and those to be encouraged. Inspiring places and amazing viewpoints you can run by and your fascination once reaching the top.

#Hillrunners and become posted on our profile with your comment, source and location.

Hillrunning is not for everyone. However, everyone should get fit to do it. It's extreme, it's awesome, we are created to succeed - run!


Top trekking spots


Impossible climbing

For champs only, and for their friends and fans to be amased, inspired, proud. Exceptional and extreme climbing, from boulders to the highest mountains. Breathtaking moments, out of gravity and almost not from this planet. Be proud and share your skills.

#ImpossibleClimbing and become posted on our profile with your comment, source and location.

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Sunset climbing

City runners

A city is a great place to run. Take a minute and run – we are created to do so and should stay tuned wherever we are. Follow inspirational posts showing city runners from all over the world.

#cityrunners.community and be posted on our profile with your story, inspiration, source and location.

Be outdoors and run in the city.

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Mountain yoga


Outdoor gym ideas

The possibilities are endless. Show your spirit and the excersises you do. Help the others to get inspired and let the others inspire you. Add your suggestion and comment, share your experience end knowledge.

#OutdoorGymIdeas and get your video shared on our profile with your outdoor exercise idea, technique and source. Share and get shared, let people know and you will be inspired by the community too.

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Indoor gym ideas


MTB single trails

Sup around the world

Secret surf spots


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