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Get updated on new arrivals and latest online offers. The newest styles are presented with images and  descriptions. For more information, we always provide you a link to detailed product presentation on our website. Follow and give feedback on the products.

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Maya Maya lifestyle

Once upon a time, father Mars was a beautiful planet. What happenned remains a mistery for us humans. But what if we knew? ... We shouldn't repeat, we should learn the lesson.

On this instagram profile, you will find some amazing pictures of still preserved nature with MAYA MAYA imagery.

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Maya Maya art

Ancient cultures, tribes, lost civilisations – they are our inspiration. We are dedicated to show and preserve their art and memories. We implement them on the best performing garments, the latest technologies can offer. Follow the roots of our past, inspiring cultures and civilisations and their traces in our collections. We aim to create each style as a piece of art.

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Maya Maya official

To show what Maya Maya is. From its art inspirations, lifestyles, final products and community - everything.

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Swiss Outdoor Logistics AG,
Schulstrasse 1,
7302 Landquart,


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