• Who we are!

We are amazing travellers, we look for the point of entry into the habitats of
our desires.
We live in a world of universal thoughts, ideas and knowledge.
Without time and space.

Since there is
no time

we can at the same time be
wherever we want.


Since there is
no space

we are at the same time
on one place and all.

We are creative and experimental
we build new worlds.

We created a new environment easier too understand, more dedicated to be.

We observe, monitor
and sometimes enter, flourish,
die and go on.

We created evolution, space.
We started to travel, to discover unknown dimensions.
We look forward watching ongoing revelation, movement and change.

We created new worlds

to some of them we gave space and time.
We have an infinite desire for
discovery, for diversity,
for what we created life.

We never knew

what path, aging, birth and death are. We did not know what touch, feelings and love are. These new dimensions we have created became incredibly rich, differentiated, passionate, sometimes cruel and endless beautiful.

We've created life, we are surprised by evolution.

More life advances, the easier we feel it and longer we live it. We accompany it and at some times even merge into one. This allows us the completeness to be. At the same time we discover to feel, to be everywhere, to live and die.

  • We are the chosen, the only one to travel into space and time.

    We are there, we die, come back and discover new.
    When we are, we know what is it to be.

    We will travel as long as all worlds, times and spaces merge.
    This is when time and space will enter our world.
    That will be at the moment of ever and never.

    The traveller

Swiss Outdoor Logistics AG,
Schulstrasse 1,
7302 Landquart,


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