Starting in 2020, a new inspiration lies behind the unique artwork of our collection. Turning back to the roots of often contemptuous Maya civilization.

  • Unique and indigenous

    A source of past legacy yet unknown. Once a large and mighty civilization, now a forgotten mystical story.

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Listening to a story

told by the divine bird Quetzal.

  • Brights and emotions

    Ancestors, loyal to their roots, remain unique and hidden far away in the highlands. Still spreading their identity through colorful tones.

    Pre-order now at -30%

Discovering a remarkable yet forgotten culture.

This collection aims to raise awareness of mystic Maya civilization, its past, present and future.

  • The stone and drought

    The history and achievements of the glorious civilization left a strong footprint. A destiny that should not be ignored.

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Remember to protect

The fundamental obligation to our future is to respect the past. We have to understand that diversity is the essence of life. We need to protect it, to let it thrive by itself.

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