originates from Australia from the aborigine Nyugar “Every temporary shelter built by a traveller.”
It is present in the ancient scripts of all continents


AMERICA- MAYA- Mexico's natives
EUROPE, ancient Greek-MAYA- the origin of magic
ASIA, Sanskrit-MAYA- the world is a current Illusion
AFRICA, Egyptian- MAYA- water

The Traveller spoke on all continents.”


Living the brand





is what we are, responds to questions what we do, inspires people, guides the choice, gives the starting points, is our goal and our strategic role:

- our lifestyle - back to our roots, to our ancestors-
- millions of years of our evolution - the past of the human race -
- we live as once - in harmony with nature-





are what we tell the others, explain the behavior of the brand, are the collective myth of our tribe, are the basis of evaluation, give power to the mission, say what and who we are.

The myths and stories about our tribe MAYA MAYA.

"If you don't go you don't have a story."


is our unique appearance and performance,
is a filter for decisions and behaviours,
is our key differentiator,
gives the compass - signposts for action,
our members live him, feel him,
is a unique - exclusive inauguration to mission: 

be free, be different, be fast


is our tone and manner,
builds emotions to and between our tribe,
generates trust, gives spirit to the visual and verbal communication.
Gives guidelines to the recurring question? - "How to act?" is our image in public.

Dedication and perfection, never ending exploration, a Character that directs our reactions, is cool, comfortable, open-minded, professional, direct and polite.


are our communication virtue:

the nature and art how we position ourselves in the minds of our tribe, how we experience this through our senses, give the way we are remembered, the shortcuts how we ought to be:

Pictures say more than words.

Short thoughts- our slogans- stay deep in our minds.


affect our actions, are what we believe in, give content to our culture, identify our rules of engagement,
sharpen our notion, ideas, opinions and discussions, deepen our believe, give content to our faith.

  • By the ancient greek mythology our planets symbolize values. These are ours as well:

    Mercury travel freedom without limits
    Venus  beauty  function and design is what you wear
    Earth  fertile  affiliation to our tribe
    Mars  determination we know where we go
    Jupiter  values  deepen our believe
    Saturn  responsibility  we care
    Uranus  Innovation  our point of difference
    Neptune  mystic  the stories we tell

    My star – always there

Swiss Outdoor Logistics AG,
Schulstrasse 1,
7302 Landquart,


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