• Optimum Performance

    Winter edition of lightweight, breathable & ergonomic styles.

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  • #MeetTheTribe event Switzerland

    Discover the highlights from past #MeetTheTribe event in our Landquart store.

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We are dedicated to perfection:

we create never seen designs,

we implement advanced technology,

we provide the best function and protection.

  • Inspiration behind

    This collection is focused to combine art with functionallity whereas inspiration originates from the tribes of the Omo Valley.

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Relaxed cotton styles

"If you don't go, you don't have a story"

We are amazing travellers, we look for the point of entry into
the habitats of our desires.

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Perfect in protection, eternal in existence

We are a Swiss Outdoor company, specialized in technical outdoor clothing for men and women, including jackets, pants, T-shirts, midlayers, technical underwear and accessories. Covering all major lifestyles, including downhill skiing,freeride skiing, trekking, mountaineering, trail running and other.