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  • Ocean vibes

    Discover the latest beach styles for perfect comfort, fast dry and UV protection.

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We are dedicated to perfection:

we create never seen designs,

we implement advanced technology,

we provide the best function and protection.

City runner set

- expected weather conditions
- stretchable lycra sleeves for better body fit
- reflective back for safer night run
- high breathability
- windproof and water-repellent shell fabric
- select one jacket, T-shirt, shorts and accessory

EUR 298.- or CHF 328.-  for set

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Trail runner set

  • - unpredictable weather conditions
    - 4-way-stretch
    - windproof
    - breathable shell fabric: 10.000g/m2/24h
    - waterproof shell fabric 10.000mm/H20
    - select one jacket, T-shirt, shorts and accessory

EUR 328.- or CHF 348.- for set

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Get ready for the mountains

  • Namaste.

    Inspired by the calming colour of water - indigo blue and colourful Omo tribe, the synthesis of both results in fashionable, unique and functional yoga collection. Shine before the sunrise!

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"If you don't go, you don't have a story"

We are amazing travellers, we look for the point of entry into
the habitats of our desires.

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