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did you know?

Running is considered to be one of the sports that have the lowest impact on the environment.

All you need to run is your body. You can do it anytime, anywhere, without any additional equipment.


why is this important?

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples" - Mother Theresa

The world now more than ever is highly impacted by our actions. The actions of the citizens of the world, and the actions of the businesses that prevail in that world. Together, we can do our small little parts in creating a better world, and many ripples may follow.

How can we do that?
Through educating ourselves towards being more sustainable.

To get you motivated, we came up with the
"Run your story" challenge.
You're the author of your story.
We're just here to help.

Step 1

Follow our Maya Maya running club here.


Pay attention to the challenge weeks.


Participate and win prizes.

Let's get started!


Week one

  • Starting date: 31.05.2021
  • Goal:  Run the longest distance in a week
  • Prize:  30% off on any item 
  • Bonus 20€ voucher at purchase above 60€

Week two

  • Starting date: 14.06.2021
  • Goal:  Run at least 5 times a week 
  • Prize:  20% discount on any item
  • Bonus : Gift at purchase above 60€

how can you be a sustainable runner? 

- Purchase clothes, gear & shoes that are sustainably produced with long product life.
- Avoid single-use plastic bottles (have a reusable one).
- Don't throw away protein bar wrappers, energy gel packaging, or other garbage when you're running.
- If you're trail-running, be mindful of nature, plants, trees, animals, etc.
- Practice run-commuting as much as you can.
- While trail-running, pick up some garbage if you can carry it- cleaning nature while exercising your body.
- Spread awareness of these practices with your running peers and community. 

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