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Men and woman breathable jackets for cross-country skiing by MAYA MAYA

My trail never ends

While cross-country skiing, I need highly breathable and durable outerwear with the proper materials chosen. They all contribute substantially to my performance for long and challenging distances. My comfort zone is well protected and my long-lasting performance is supported.

High breathability and perfect wind resistance are the essentials. I need to be always fully protected – high breathability while running up and warmth while sliding down.

Function & design, is what you wear.


Endurance while skiing on my cross-country trail is up to the extreme. I always need to be fully protected by high breathability while running up, and warmth while sliding down. The high-performing cross-country ski jackets and pants have the PTFE membrane at the front and quick-dry fabrics at the back. Fulfilling the needs for breathability, windproofness, and dry microclimate.

The small and important ergonomic details and precise cuts make the collections tuned to my motion pattern and give me the perfect freedom of movement.

Details of a material on a breathable cross-country jacket by MAYA MAYA

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Omo Tribe woman with face paintings and accessories

Designer's statement

"In addition to the high functionality and performance, our cross-country ski garments are enriched with unique colors and designs inspired by ancient civilizations."

Tatjana, lead designer

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