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Man and woman shirts for trail running in green and blue by MAYA MAYA

Function & design

Trail running makes me manage challenging trails fast and efficient in order to get fit. I know the area, but weather can still surprise me. I need the lightest and most efficient running outerwear. I need highly breathable, lightweight, and high-performance clothing.
Man and woman trail running on a mountain peak by MAYA MAYA  
Woman jumping on a rock during trail running by MAYA MAYA  
Man and woman climbing up a peak during trail-running by MAYA MAYA  

Function & design, is what you wear.


I choose the best performance jackets, T-shirts, and pants as a trail runner. Windproof and waterproof layers can be found on particular products, in order to handle the unpredictable weather in highlands. Ultralight, quick-dry, and highly breathable features are essential for undisturbed and enhanced performance. The 4-way-stretch characteristics enable my freedom of movement which I need for limitless trail running. I am always protected from the sun's radiation by UV-protective fabrics.

Close up of a trail running shirt in blue by MAYA MAYA

If you don't go,   you don't have a story.

Omo Tribe woman with face paintings and accessories

Designer's statement

" Each collection is inspired by an indigenous civilization. This is depicted in unique, colorful, and fashionable designs on all trail running collection pieces."

Tatjana, lead designer

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