Man and woman shirts for climbing and mountaineering by MAYA MAYA

Function & design

Climbing takes me high, reaching the mountain peaks and challenging myself. I have to be prepared for all the weather conditions. I need protective outerwear that is abrasion resistant , water and windproof, highly breathable, stretchable, and UV protective. In this way, I will be ready for whatever I may find on the rocky mountain tops.

  Climb high, climb fast


PTFE membranes and other high-tech features have been invented for use in space and adopted on Earth. Those things are used on my garments; they perform to perfection on high altitudes and under extreme conditions. My clothing is UV protective, durable, stretchable, all-weather resistant, and provides me the needed support at all times. 

Unique embroidered details on a climbing shirt by MAYA MAYA

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Designer's statement

"What makes us different is our attention to detail when it comes to creating a unique, stylish look that enriches the rock-climbing collection."

Tatjana, lead designer

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