Man and woman shirts for running in green and grey by MAYA MAYA

Function & design

Running is a part of me. I belong to mammals, the fastest species on Earth. I have an additional advantage - endurance, that made a difference in the process of evolution. I have a need to run, buried deep within me. I need highly ergonomic and functional clothes to feel great, to be free in my movement. Breathability and advanced technical solutions are my best friends during my urban runs.

I run, I chase my story


All garments are equipped with 4-way stretch technology, perfect for my freedom of movement. Smooth, quick-drying fibers allow body moisture or sweat to dry out quickly. Windproof and water-repellent layers protect me from the weather. I cannot be surprised at my city run. With this technically advanced running collection, my endurance is great, I am fast and have an unbeatable advantage.  

Colorful details on a grey running shirt by MAYA MAYA

If you don't go,   you don't have a story.

Night vision

Exclusive, hybrid, breathable, ultralight, and windproof.  Increased visibility with colorful and reflective details.  Perfect cut and advanced ergonomics.

Man and lady wearing reflective running clothes running in the dark by MAYA MAYA
Omo Tribe woman with face paintings and accessories

Designer's statement

"Unique colors and styles are enriching our collections inspired by ancient civilizations. Colorful running tights and T-shirts will stand out and make me visible at night - night vision."

Tatjana, lead designer

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