Men and woman long-sleeved shirts for traveling and trekking by MAYA MAYA

Function & design

As a traveler, I see and feel how tiny I am compared to the wide spaces of our planet Earth. I need dedication, courage, and an open-mind to conquer as many places as I possibly can. I feel the most comfortable by wearing clothes that are highly-breathable and stretchable. I like to be unique, wear highly functional designer clothes, and seal my memories by taking the coolest pictures I can imagine.

If you don't go , you don't have a story .  


Light, 4-way stretch, and highly protective materials are extremely important when I'm traveling around the world. I am exploring new places and find myself in different weather conditions. I need the freedom of movement and great protection. Items like detachable pants, sleeve adjusting shirts, multifunctional jackets, and pants prepare me for whatever the weather decides to be.

Buttons on a man's long sleeved shirt by MAYA MAYA

(n.) a strong desire for, or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world  

Omo Tribe woman with face paintings and accessories

Designer's statement

" Along with a highly advanced R&D approach, I never miss applying a unique designer touch to each garment to make it exclusive, and to amaze you and your friends."

Tatjana, lead designer

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