The future of search and rescue.

RECCO® technology makes me searchable in the event of an avalanche accident. It enables professional rescuers to rapidly pinpoint a buried person’s location using the RECCO® detector. RECCO® reflectors are not a substitute for transceiver use. Complementary in function, this technology increases the chance of being found in time.


Together we develop protective waterproof and windproof clothing with avalanche safety reflectors.

Unlike any other avalanche safety technologies, RECCO® reflector can be forgotten, as it is always in my outdoor apparel.

It can happen to anybody, anytime, anywhere.


Over 4750 people lost their lives due to avalanches in the European Alps in the last 48 years, which means 54-179 per  year. 86% of them were uncontrolled, which means nobody knew where they were.

avalanche awareness

It is not entirely unpredictable. An avalanche is simply a mass of snow sliding down a steep hill or mountain. The most dangerous is the slab avalanche which occurs when a cohesive plate of snow breaks free and slides down the mountainside. Avalanches happen at specific times, specific places, and for particular reasons.

search and rescue

Based on renowned avalanche rescue technology. Active detectors emit radar signals which are bounced back by the passive reflector in my clothes.

They are  placed within most rescue organizations to provide wide coverage of regions, wherever people go to enjoy the mountains. 

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