Organic cotton

The difference between conventional and organic cotton is that organic cotton is grown without pesticides and fertilizers, so there is no negative effect on the soil. In the long run, organic cotton is better for our health and the Earth's biodiversity.


Very good breathability





organic cotton SHIRTS

Organic cotton manufacturers don’t use any toxic chemicals. They use only low-impact and fibre-reactive dyes to get a lasting colour, while the dyes used on conventional cotton can cause mild to severe skin irritations, especially where there is friction between your skin and the fabric. By investing in organic cotton clothing, you contribute to the well-being of the planet and your physical health.

All cotton sold as organic must meet strict regulations covering how the cotton is grown. MAYA MAYA chose one of the finest organic cotton manufacturers to create high quality and everlasting items.

Choosing MAYA MAYA organic cotton shirts gives you tranquillity by knowing that the items you wear are non-toxic to you and the environment. Important as well, they don’t contribute to human rights violations. By supporting the organic cotton industry, you are making a difference.

athleisure & organic cotton

Organic cotton creates softer and long-lasting clothing. With on average 5% elastane, MAYA MAYA cotton shirts provide much needed stretch and freedom of movement.

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