optimum performance

Lightweight & breathable for extreme endurance.

What is Optimum Performance?

OptimumPerformance is our clothing line designed for all kinds of runners. Emphasis is given on lightweight and dry performance in different running environments.

why do i need it?

Building up stamina is hard work that shouldn't be disturbed. In order to keep my running momentum, I want to feel like a feather. Having freedom of movement while feeling dry is essential for my optimal performance.

OptimumPerformance satisfies the need by delivering ultralight and highly breathable materials in ergonomic composition, suitable for trail runners, city runners, and cross-country skiers.


I am running in my natural environment. I know my running path and I can predict the weather. There is nothing that can surprise me, except for low lighting on the sidewalks. I overcome this and remain visible to traffic by reflective details on my clothes.

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trail RUNNER

I am an adventurer and I strive to explore. My running paths are the mountains and the nature with unpredictable weather conditions. 

I might expect sunshine or a heavy storm. I don't mind, because my trail running outfit predicts everything. 

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I like skis sliding under my feet while preserving the essence of running. The weather is cold, but I am fast and warm. 

I keep my body temperature and stay protected from wind and snow, wearing a durable softshell outfit for optimal winter performance.  

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