nomadic culture

If you don't go , you don't have a story.

I roam the planet Earth, the only real home any of us have. I explore the Moroccan deserts and climb the Atlas mountains, I’m an adventurer. The memories I create now, are those that will define my whole living.  I need the right type of clothes to support my journeys. 

the collection

Nomadic culture collection is characterized by functionalities like breathability, versatility, 4-way stretch materials, UV sun protection and lightness. The designs are created with earth colors, combined with slightly brighter contrast colors. The collection gives out a timeless, classy vibe, and it’s suitable for hiking and traveling. 

The world is my home .

the colors

In this collection, we focus on a pale palette of colors.  The dark, Earthy tones give the collection all its perpetuity and class. 

Slightly brighter and more energetic colors are used in moderation to bring a deep effect and upper contrast 

the Earth tones of the collection

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