The bear group

My perfect insulation

What is the bear group?

The BearGroup is a group of different fabrics in charge of providing me with the proper insulation.  The BearGroup is inspired by the polar bear whose hair is hollow and looks like very small tubes of glass. The hollowness of the hairs traps the warmth and keeps it close to the skin. At the same time, the fibers have an oily outer layer that prevents the polar bear from getting wet - in our case, it's Teflon coating. 

why do i need it?  

The fabrics from the BearGroup are highly breathable. The fleece surface increases air circulation beneath the outershell and the air pockets provide insulation. I am kept warm, but at the same time not overheated.

When combined with AlpineSeries shell outerlayer, my fleece and microclimate are kept dry and comfortable.

how does it work?

Fine fibers    

Provide smooth texture which is extremely soft and comfortable.

Long fibers

Provide the potential to accumulate air – best insulation.

Air traps

Accumulate and retains air and preserves our microclimate.

Smell free

The smooth high-quality yarn prevents the growth of bacteria and gives us a feeling of freshness all time.


The perspiration works in real-time.


It provides perfect fitting in movement.


The cuts are shaped to your body's needs, the structure fits our body's performance.

Moisture-wicking properties

Keep the garment dry, hydrophobic – water repellent.

Highly efficient moisture transfer

To the outer surface – keeps us dry.


The anti-pilling quality maintains the outlook and functionality for a very long time.

Lightweight and thermal

The Construction, knitting, brushing and the air traps create a high volume and low weight, keep us warm-perfect insulation. 

Which one do i need?  

BodyControl - base layer
MicroBear - light fleece
ThermoBear - medium fleece
PolarBear - great fleece
PrimaLoft - extreme insulation


Base layer


Light fleece


Medium fleece


Great fleece


Extreme insulation


BodyControl is the underwear that I wear as the first line of defense. It is more than just a base layer, since I can wear it on chilly days as my only layer for jogging or any other outdoor sport. It looks nice on its own.

The underwear is seamless - all different structures are achieved through advanced and combined knitting and weaving processes. The only seams are used to seam the body and arms. They are so-called "flatlock seams" preventing chafing. A properly fitted compression shirt can help to prevent chafing in the upper body, such as underarms and on nipples. Multiple fabric constructions are applied to a BodyControl garment, each assigned a specific mission. Some of which are ribbed structure for optimal body fit, beehive structure for temperature regulation and waffle structure with enhanced moisture permeability power.


MicroBear is a highly functional fabric and the thinnest one in the group. The MicroBear is produced from a very thin microscopic yarn that allows the perspiration to penetrate through the fabric to the outer surface, a perfect blotting effect. It feels soft and warm. Its high-quality micro fibers give the touch of cotton, friendly to the skin. Compared to cotton it is highly functional, dries extremely fast and represents one of the functional layers.

MicroBear is an animal-friendly alternative to wool. Although it is synthetic, it shares the same or even greater characteristics than any wool , some of which are softness, breathability and odor resistance.


ThermoBear is the medium-thick fleece in the group. It has different structures and different weights. They provide versatility and warmth. It is machine washable, dries quickly and is a perfect alternative to down and wool. Compared to the latter, it dries faster, is biologically neutral and regulates my microclimate below the shell jacket more efficiently. It is my perfect thermal insulation at low temperatures.

Its structure allows the perspiration to penetrate through the fabric to the outer surface fast, and keeps me dry and warm. The air pockets trap air and isolate warmth. ThermoBear is an insulating synthetic fabric mixed with elastane which enables ergonomic cuts. It is plain and smooth, whereby the inner surface is brushed and soft.


PolarBear is the thickest, most dense in the group. It is machine washable, dries quickly, and is a perfect alternative to wool and down. Compared to the latter, it dries faster, is biologically neutral, and regulates my microclimate below the shell jacket more efficiently. It is my perfect thermal insulation at extremely low temperatures.

The fleece fabric is knitted and combed on both sides. Big air pockets and higher density of fibers enable more air to get accumulated. Trapped air is the best insulation. Perfectly smooth and well-structured fibers enable the body vapor to escape. The material does not soak any moisture so it very well supports the breathability of the shell fabric. No materials which soak moisture (like cotton) should be worn below or above any item from The BearGroup as it might jeopardize its function.


PrimaLoft Gold is an insulating layer applied in outer- or mid-layers. It is in charge of maintaining my microclimate, my body temperature, and allowing the perspiration to escape. Especially important in extreme weather conditions. The exceptional touch of design and sophisticated ergonomic details are an addition to the thermal efficiency and functionality. 

While PrimaLoft yarn is as light as down feathers, it is more efficient and higher-performing material for sports. PrimaLoft is highly breathable and water repellent. It can be easily washed in a washing machine and doesn't contract like down, dries fast and recovoers his volume entirely. Last but not least, it is animal-friendly and odor free.

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