alpine series

My protective clothing system.

What is alpine series?

AlpineSeries is a selection of clothing dedicated to extreme conditions. They all have waterproof, windproof, and highly breathable shell fabric. Its core is a high performing PTFE membrane, keeping water and wind out of the protective clothing system and allowing perspiration to escape - high breathability.

why do i need it? 

Moving outdoors and maintaining my microclimate inside the protective clothing system is essential for my endurance and safety. To stay dry and feel comfortable, I need a highly breathable membrane managing the moisture levels inside my clothing system.

I move, I sweat, my body’s perspiration can make me freeze. The high level of breathability is essential to keep me warm and dry inside while the water and windproofness keep me dry and comfortable from the outside.

Waterproofness and breathability 

AlpineSeries collection pieces contain a PTFE membrane with millions of microscopic pores much smaller than water droplets and much larger than water vapor molecules.

Protecting me and allowing me to remain dry and warm while giving my body moisture an escape.

attention to details

Maximum performance is further improved through welded seams and waterproof YKK zippers. The outer surfaces of AlpineSeries products always have a DWR treatment applied, making water drops slide off.

material selection

Light, lighter, super light! Each gram is important. The highest functionality, lowest weight, and best garment performance is a never-ending challenge. The construction is tuned up to each detail, ergonomic cuts, and the best materials planet Earth can offer. They are all part of Maya Maya’s unique and high performing Alpine Series collection.

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