My second skin

We, mammals...

We, human beings, have an amazing past. Many thousand years ago we started to change, our evolution sped up, and we started to travel in order to look for new lands. Our bodies had to adapt to all environmental conditions no matter where we went. There lied the need for clothing that would protect our bodies and act as our second skin.

I, The Traveler

My skin is my first line of defense. It is perfect in protection against mechanical injuries, biological hazards, chemical substances, heat, cold, sun, water, wind – the environment in which humans lived thousands of years ago. It is capable of thermoregulation.

It makes me feel sensations. It is my biggest organ capable of healing and reconstructing itself. It is capable of adapting to environmental changes – however not as fast as I am challenging it.

My protection 

Just as the Earth's atmosphere has protective layers - each one dedicated to a specific mission, my skin has protective layers as well. My Maya Maya’s clothing concept is created with respect to both and it is tuned to the best possible efficiency, learning from nature, and providing ultimate protection. 

My Second Skin

My skin has three layers and their combined function is similar to “My second skin” in terms of thermoregulation and protection. My second skin became my first line of defense. MAYA MAYA offers me the perfect protection technology within the concept of active clothing.

My clothing concept

The practice of wearing more layers of outdoor clothing, each dedicated for one specific function is called layering. My basic layering concept could be divided into three groups, based on the temperature and weather outdoors:

1. BodyControl + Shell layer

2. BodyControl + MicroBear + Shell layer

3. BodyControl + ThermoBear / PolarBear / PrimaLoft + Shell layer

1. Bodycontrol + shell layer

Odoo • Text and Image

2. Bodycontrol + microbear + shell layer

Odoo • Text and Image

3. Bodycontrol + ThermoBear / PolarBear / PrimaLoft + Shell layer

Odoo • Text and Image

I have my clothing and I am ...

... naked on Everest, free under the sea

my microclimate is not too hot,

not too cold, just right.

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