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Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Flash Sale

May 22, 2022 – May 29, 2023

-50% auf jeden zweiten günstigeren Artikel. Berechnet auf den regulären Preis.

Im MAYA MAYA Shop, Landquart Fashion Outlet, oder in unserem Online-Shop.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Winter Sale

Jan 27, 2022 – Feb 28, 2023

Winter Sale - von 40% bis 70%

Im MAYA MAYA Shop, Landquart Fashion Outlet, oder in unserem Online-Shop.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Family & Friends Special

Dec 15, 2022 – Feb 28, 2023

10 verschiedene Wollmützen 🧶

1 Stk. zu 48.- | 2 Stk. je 39.- | 3 Stk. je 32.-

Im MAYA MAYA Shop, Landquart Fashion Outlet, oder in unserem Online-Shop.

Customer reviews

"Das beste Outdoor Equipment das es gibt. Das ist sein Geld wert. Die Mitarbeiter sind stets freundlich und geben einem wertvolle informationen"
- Jürg O; December 2022

"Grosse Auswahl, freundlicher und überaus kompetenter Staff. Top!"
- Legio P; March 2022

"Mein absoluter Lieblingsladen für Freizeit Bekleidung! Super Qualität und immer so toll miteinander kombinierbar! Sehr nette Beratung ! Immer wieder gerne!"
- Jacky M; August 2021

Contact info

Maya Maya Landquart
Landquart Fashion Outlet
Tardisstrasse 118
7205 Zizers

Mo. - So.:    10:00-19:00

+41 81 544 52 61

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Company team


Assistant Store Manager

"Coming from the African side of the world, I've always been around bright colours and tribal inspirations. This is one thing I exceptionally love about MAYA MAYA, their vast use of bright colours and unique items. As the saying goes in MAYA MAYA, "I am a traveller, ..." and I am definitely proud to be "Travelling" life with MAYA MAYA!"

Company team


Shop Assistant

"Seeing what fast fashion and mass production does to nature and our planet really made me want focus on sustainably produced and long lasting clothing - with Maya Maya I not only found the perfect brand for my active lifestyle but also one I can morally support!"

Company team


Shop Assistant

"I love to be outside and be active! Hiking in the summertime and snowboarding or cross-country skiing in the winter are some of my favorite things to do. I choose MAYA MAYA for the high quality and durability of the products. The brand's commitment to respecting nature and producing sustainable equipment makes me proud to be part of MAYA MAYA"

Company team


Shop Assistant

"I love to do sports and discover new places in my free time. My favorite thing to do is be outside in the untouched nature. That's why it's important to me to live a sustainable lifestyle. MAYA MAYA supports this and offers durable and high-quality outdoor clothing for every adventure. That makes me proud to be part of the MAYA MAYA team."

Company team


Shop Assistant

"As a tennis player and football referee, every week I encounter different sports that play an important role in my life. I also love the great outdoors, travelling and discovering the world. MAYA promotes exactly this lifestyle with its corporate philosophy and high-quality sportswear, which is why I can identify perfectly with the company."

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About Landquart

Landquart is a small town in the south-east of Switzerland in canton Graubünden. The most famous resorts like Arosa, Leinzerheide, Davos, or St. Moritz are located an hour's drive from Landquart. Moreover, the region has something to offer for those who are looking for some urban entertainment. The city of Chur is located nearby, and there, tourists can find amazing bars, restaurants, and hotels.